The Beginners Guide to Being a Wine Expert

As we know from watching movies, reading books and hearing stories, knowledge of wine can be a tremendous help when it comes to dating. A deep understanding of wine can make a person look, sophisticated, passionate and intelligent. Of course, it goes without saying that this advice is only applicable to people of legal drinking age.

Unfortunately, it would be impossible for anyone to put together an article that can fully prepare you for the enormous world of wine. Wine is an art. Expertise is gained through developing your mind and your senses which could take years. Luckily, like most arts, the general populace only cares about the knowledge that directly affects them. In other words this means that with the right pieces of knowledge you can appear as an expert to the untrained eye.

How look like you know how to choose a wine:
Ask for the sommelier (som-mel-yay), a wine specialist who puts together a wine list to compliment the food at a restaurant. This guy will help you make a great choice. One way to look good is to go to the restaurant earlier in the week and speak to him. Ask him three questions:

1. Which wines would he suggest for which meals?
2. Why is this wine a good wine?
3. How do I pronounce the name?

This way when you get the menu you can easily choose a wine and explain to your date why it was your choice.

How to handle difficult pronunciations:
If you’d like to order a wine and you can’t pronounce its name, pick up the list point to three different wines and say “I’d like one of these which do you recommend?” Let the wait staff pronounce them for you and choose the wine you’d like.

Once the wine gets to your table, you’ll have to inspect it. All you have to do is make sure that what they brought you is what you actually ordered and that the bottle is the right temperature. For a red wine the bottle should be cool, not warm, to the touch.

How to taste wine:
Once the wine is poured you should test it to be sure it hasn’t gone bad.

A quick tip: don’t do this every single time you take a sip. Once or twice is enough.

1. Swirl: Put your fingers at the base of the glass and slowly swirl the wine. The purpose of this is to open the wine up – which means mixing it with the air in order to get the wine’s full scent and flavor.
2. Smell: After you’ve swirled the wine 3 or 4 times around the glass put it up to your nose and inhale the scent. Don’t be afraid to stick your nose in the glass and close your eyes, in order to really catch the scent.
3. Taste: Slowly sip the wine. Holding it in your mouth for a moment, swish it around once or twice and swallow.

How to decide to choose white wine:
You can’t go wrong with a good white wine. Red wines are traditionally meant to be paired with foods. While whites can also be paired with food, they are often considered best when serve without any accompanying dish or with something very light.

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