Truth or Dare, How to Use it with Women

There’s a saying amongst pickup artists that all the things that were fun when you were a kid, can now be fun to do in a social setting as an adult. The most childish games and jokes can be hilarious and enormously effective if you employ them in the right way as you interact with women. A perfect example of this is Truth or Dare.

In college, when Stylelife pickup artist coach Evolve when first started learning the basics of the social arts, he and his wing would play Truth or Dare whenever we could get girls back to one of our rooms. Over time, they discovered that Truth or Dare was a great way to escalate kino and kick off some really crazy nights. They spent months experimenting with the truthʼs and the dareʼs that would lead to the most sexually explosive nights we could create. Eventually, all of the experimentation came down to the following proven, tested, and effective techniques:

How to Preface the Game:
Preface the game by saying, “For the sake of the game, whatever happens during this game stays in this game. The reason this rule exists is not so we can tell you to do bizarre sexual acts, but because weʼre all adults and when it gets to the truth, the game is most fun if people respond truthfully. Think about how fun this game was when we were teenagers and just imagine how much more fun itʼs going to be as adults… who can keep secrets.”

And obviously, as with everything in the game, your obligation is to socially calibrate the participants and their reaction to Truth or Dare as the game progresses. While part of the fun is doing things that are awkward or embarrassing, your job is to ensure no participant feels pressured or that the conversation moves into an area that makes someone uncomfortable.

How Truth Works:
Think of truths as ways to build comfort. Be sure to progress slowly in the intensity of the truths. You want to keep the people being extremely honest the whole game so you begin with easy, not very embarrassing questions and you slowly escalate the intensity.

–Who in this group are you most attracted to and what is it about them thatʼs most attractive? The catch is you canʼt talk about any of our good looks.
–Fuck, Marry, Kill with the people in the room.
–What is it about your friend that you honestly like the least? And you have to answer truthfully, no funny girly pretend bullshit answers.
–Pretend you have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, they are both going to grant you the power to do one thing that is absolutely the kindest act of kindness you could ever imagine and the most horrible evil demonic act of depravity you could ever imagine. The catch is you
canʼt choose one, you have to do both. What two actions would you take? (Make them role-play talking to the devil and angel on their shoulders.)
–What does the opposite sex do to get you most turned on?
–What/Where/With who would you want to have sex the most?
–Tell a sex story that involves (something very specific: travel, place you felt most guilty, most taboo, etc.)
–What is the biggest, most embarrassing, sexual mistake youʼve made? (falling off the bed, picking up the phone, etc.)
–When was the last time you masturbated and what did you think about?
–Imagine youʼre going to hook up with the person youʼve wanted more than anyone. Walk me through your perfect seduction of that guy.

How Dare Works:
Dares also must be slowly escalated. You can eventually get to sexual acts, but first you have to gain their trust. Do this by progressing the sexuality of each dare very slowly. Try to avoid asking one girl to kiss another or asking one girl to kiss you. Also, try and avoid asking them to take clothing off. Make sure that these acts are prizes in games.

–Falling Trust test: Get her to close her eyes and just fall backwards allowing her to trust you enough to catch her.
–Hold on to my foot. Now, I want you to pretend my foot is the person of your dreams. For 30 seconds, tell my foot how bad you want it and how long youʼve been waiting for it in your life.
–Hold your friendʼs hand. Now I want you to say the most fucked up pornographic shit youʼve ever imagined to it. You have to keep saying crazy things for 30 seconds. Feel free to slap the hand’s ass if it gets you into character.
–Imagine that you run out of money and have to make enough to live by prostituting yourself. Pretend Iʼm a client. Convince me to buy you for the night.
–Make out with the inside of my elbow for 10 seconds.
–Staring contest. Start 5 feet away; every 15 seconds you move one-step closer until youʼre nose to nose. Whoever wins gets a kiss.
–Prop Dares: Ask them do something with whip crème,chocolate or anything else that is sexy.

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