Stylelife Conference 2013: Day Two of Feedback, Breakthroughs, and Epiphanies

Student Successes
Sunday mornings at Stylelife Conferences are always some of our favorite times. Each time, we see some sleepy eyes and a few rumpled clothes because students are worn out from their late nights. It’s not unusual for some people to just stay awake and move straight from partying to the conference.

Everyone eases in and then Style and the gang collect adventures and field reports from the night before. This time around, we heard a number of exciting breakthroughs. Including one particular student from the Northeast who had been going through a rough patch in life but used one of Evolve’s comments on Saturday evening and ended up getting physical with a young lady at the party.

The rest of morning session then moved on to examine 11 Epiphanies that Style learned while actively studying the game. Afterwards, DHV demonstrations are always fun. The gang gathered around as Style, Evolve, and The Sneak demonstrated a number of bar cons, magic tricks, and DHV routines.

The key with bar cons and discount magic is always to have a good time, to make people laugh, and forget about the more mundane aspects of life for a few minutes. Even if something goes wrong with a particular illusion, don’t get flustered or upset. Instead, laugh it off and have fun with the group.

In-Field Training Program Graduation
In the middle of the afternoon, Style and the coaches handed out diplomas to the very first graduates of the In-Field Training Program.

These dedicated and determined men had been working on overhauling their social lives since January. They attended boot camps, received private 1-on-1 coaching, participated in group coaching calls, and studied hours of cutting edge videos with Style. These men experienced tremendous changes in their life, and things will never be the same for them.

“I used to feel like there was a ceiling,” one In-Field Training Program graduate from Los Angeles said while raising his hand to eye level. “I’m a human, I’m going to hit that ceiling. But taking this program, I realized there is no ceiling,” as he looked to the sky. “I can literally keep going to anything I want.”

So this special ceremony was truly a celebration of their work, their transformation, and their new beginning.

Stylelife Girls Critique Students
Later in the day, some of the Stylelife Girls joined Style and the coaches on stage to provide detailed, concrete feedback to the students they had met. One particular case was illustrative for everyone studying the social arts.

“My friend was really interested in you, but you didn’t ask for her number,” Angela said. “She wants to talk to you.”

The student said, “Oh, okay,” shuffled in his seat and kind of passed it off.

“No, really, she wants to talk to you. I’m not just being nice.”

The student lit up. “Really?” he asked.

At that point, Style and The Sneak both jumped in to point out the limiting beliefs confronting this particular young man. “Here is someone telling you that a friend is interested and somehow you don’t feel like it’s true, like it can’t be real, somehow,” The Sneak said. The student isn’t alone in this regard. All too often, our limiting beliefs make us dismiss or trivialize any indicators of interest. For most guys studying the game, they’re conditioned to think women don’t like them. Luckily, the gang was able to clarify this man’s perception and he’s got a set of numbers to call to connect with his new female friend.

A Information-Packed, Transformative Conclusion
Sunday afternoons at Stylelife Conferences are always jam-packed with information as we discussed everything from new 2013 techniques for seeding, to different types of kiss closing, to the 3 things you can do that will absolutely change your social life for the better. No topic is off limits as students ask and get detailed instructions. This particular group wanted to do a deep dive (no pun intended) in how to have a threesome and Style responded with technology normally only shared in the In-Field Training Program. After more than an hour and a half of student-requested, everyone finally left the conference facility, exhausted after a long weekend, but energized for their new futures.

August 17 and 18, 2013 was a great weekend. It’s was touching and inspiring for the staff, and transformative for the students. Conference goers scored this event a 4.5 out of a perfect 5. Some categories were as high as 4.8 out of 5.

“This past weekend was amazing,” wrote on conference goer. “I learned a lot about myself and met a lot of new and interesting people I will stay in touch with.”

“As part of the In-Field Training Program, the conference really was the cherry-on-top to give us even more material to work on,” wrote another student.

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