Stylelife Conference 2013: Day One in the Books

A Safe Place Like No Other
In this culture, it’s rare for men to share their vulnerabilities. In the locker room, around the water cooler, and at the local bar, you’re simply not supposed to reveal anything deep or possibly painful about yourself. Even amongst friends. But certainly not to strangers.

However, Stylelife conferences aren’t like any other gathering. Instead of being surrounded by dudes competing with you for attention, promotion, or bragging rights, you’re encircled by dedicated, encouraging men from all over the planet who simply want to get the most out of life. And rather than follow some rote, pre-defined one-size-fits-all script that’s been endlessly repeated, the Stylelife gang always shifts and alters and does what’s best students at hand. Everyone is different. So every Stylelife conference is different.

So you get what we had here — first thing in the morning– on Day 1 of the Stylelife 2013 Conference: people being painfully open about their childhoods, families, and fears. Obviously, we can’t share the details out of respect for individual privacy. But it was a powerful morning, for students and staff alike. The conference is clearly a safe space unlike anything most men ever experience.

In the afternoon, things got more mechanical, more technical about improving your social life. Evolve and The Sneak worked with graduates of the first ever In-Field Training Program, putting the finishing touches on their 8-month journey of boot camps, private coaching, and exclusive material.

At the same time, Style worked with the newer social artists to abolish approach anxiety and get them ready to walk up to any woman and make an impression.

And then, we all had a blast.

The conference attendees, Style, Evolve, The Sneak, and a bunch of others attended a special members-only cocktail reception where they met the Stylelife Girls and partied into the night. We didn’t want to interrupt anyone’s interactions last night, but from what we saw, we can’t wait to hear the field reports and adventures in the morning!

Check back for another update on Day 2 of the Stylelife Conference.

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  1. It was a great conference and a real eyeopener. Got really exciting about the social dynamics again and we met a lot of new friends who also had the same passion for social advancement. I want to thank the crew behind Stylelife, the girls and Neal for a great Conference!
    Sincerely MrDream.

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