How to Adventure in a New City: Part 2

The Sneak writes:

How to Adventure in a New City: Part 1 covered preparation, but the real fun begins when you arrive.

If you study seduction you’ll quickly learn that you SHOULD NOT ask the women you are trying to attract about their town. It is quite lame to say something along the lines of “So, what other spots are good to go out around here?” In contrast, if you KNOW HER CITY better than she does, thats a tremendous demonstration of higher value.

That said, I’d like to make an important clarification:

Not everyone you meet should be the target seduction.

Gathering information from locals is a tremendously powerful tool and a great use of your developing social skills. What do you want to know about the city you’re in?

Begin by giving yourself a mission. For Evolve and I, our first mission is always to learn the city’s nightlife.

We begin by going to the bars we researched in advance via Internet websites, online user reviews, tips from friends, travel guides, and so forth. Over a drink, we ask the bartenders about other venues in the area. We always need to find the perfect spot for our bootcamps, so we ask about places that aren’t super loud, but are very big, with lots of people coming in and out throughout the night. At this point, preparation gives over to exploration. While online queries can get you started, no Google search compares to boots on the ground.

We hop from one venue to the next. This way, we quickly get an idea of the lay of the land and learn what our best options are. Options are always a plus. It’s easy to recognize a true gem among many options. Meanwhile, we’ve managed to meet and talk to tons of people along the way. If we return to any one of these bars later on in our trip, we’ve already befriended the barkeep. Being known in a venue, even when you’re clearly a visitor to the city, is a huge DHV to anybody who later accompanies you.

Once we’ve picked our favorite bars in the area, our next mission is finding delicious food. Of course, we love eating tasty food. Who doesn’t? Equally importantly though, these restaurants may also come in handy later on if a set is going particularly well. They are used to bounce the girls out of the bar to a quieter more intimate environment. Keep your eyes peeled for places that are cheap, tasty and open late. They always serve as an easy sell after a night out on the town.

As soon as we arrived in Sydney, we discovered a spot that had the best breakfast in Surry Hills. We’re not exactly morning people given our late nights, but baked eggs, corn fritters, and waffles was enough to lure us out in the bright light of day and even bring a smile to our face, as seen here.

This joint has become a regular landmark and meeting place. And when we meet locals, we can always talk about this restaurant from a position of knowledge, authority, and experience. That’s a huge DHV, as opposed to meekly huddling in the hotel room and ordering room service, never experiencing the actual city itself.

Getting to know a city through exploration and talking to the locals is rewarding and can be a total blast. Start with a guide book if you must, but quickly put it down and rely on yourself to dig up the secrets of the city. Be open to surprise. There really is no telling what will happen.

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