How to Adventure in a New City: Part 1

The Sneak and I are leaving for Australia.

This is our first Stylelife bootcamp in Australia, as well as our first time ever visiting the country. Here’s the system we use to have an exciting and rewarding time as we hop from city to city, even if we’ve never been there before.

1. Find a Place to Stay
There’s almost no reason to stay in hotels anymore. We use Airbnb. It’s a site that allows you to reserve other peoples houses, apartments, condos, and lofts at really affordable prices. You can also find some other really cool places to stay on there. It’s way cheaper than any hotel and you usually get more room and a place to yourself. For us coaches who need a large comfortable place to teach it’s way better to use this site than to stay at a hotel.

In cities where we need hotels we always look for a hip rock’n roll hotel like the ACE in NYC or the Redbury in Los Angeles. The loft hotel rooms are off the hook – complete with record players and acoustic guitars, not mention the lobbies and bars in both hotels have some pretty amazing looking women lounging around.

Here’s another really awesome way to adventure: Couchsurfers. It’s pretty simple, you find some people to stay with in whatever city you’re going to and then you stay with them for free. It’s really fun and you get to meet some exciting and interesting people.

2. Study the Culture and History
It’s important to know about any place you’re traveling to – know the history, the customs, the people. A large part of seduction is making people feel comfortable.

I use Netflix and Youtube to find historical or cultural documentaries about the place I’m visiting. Also, history and culture are great subjects used to build value in conversation. So you’ll want that information in your back pocket.

3. Find what you Love
I love good coffee and well made mixed drinks, so I put together a list of all the best coffee and mixology places in Sydney. All it took was a quick google search and some quick questions to friends who know the area. You obviously have other things you’d like to see when you travel – local bands, historical sites, nature-y things, nightclubs, restaurants, etc. – so research accordingly and find what you love!

This information will also help you with venue bouncing and seeding dates. It’s a tremendously powerful DHV when you, the out of towner, know the girls city even better than she does.

4. Learn the Lay of the Land
Before I leave I like to take a look at the map of the city on google maps. I use the satellite view to see what kinds of businesses are around the area I’m staying. I also like to get a bigger picture of the city so I have some idea how to get around if I’m ever caught without my cell phone or too drunk to use it. I look at the locations for all of the venues I plan on visiting and also the distance from our home.

5. Use Skype for Phonecalls
Get a skype account and buy their $10 a month plan. You can call anyone from your computer for unlimited minutes. You can also install the skype app on your phone and make free calls from your phone as long as you’re in a wi-fi enabled area. This beats crazy roaming charges any day.

6. Pack Light
I only fill one small bag that can come on the plane with me. I check my luggage. if it doesn’t fit I probably don’t need it. I’ll tell you what I’m bringing so you get an idea.
• Converse sneakers: They go with everything and are comfortable.
• Designer Boots*: Check out allsaints for these. You can wear them to dressier venues.
• Three T-shirts*: I can wash them while I’m there or buy a new one if I need.
• One Button-up: For venues with dress codes.
• One Blazer: For venues with dress codes.
• Two pairs of Jeans*: A good pair of jeans can be worn almost anywhere.
• Bathing suit: Because who knows if I’ll end up in a jacuzzi or pool.
• Grooming Stuff: I use a very small bag with everything I need, plus advil and allergy medicine.
• Kindle Fire: For entertainment in during delays and flights.
• USB Charger: For my phone and my kindle.
• Socks and Underwear*: Enough for the trip.
• Jacket*: I bring one coat with me everywhere. Something leather and for all occasions.
• One Extra Form of ID: It’s always good to have at least one extra form of ID on you. Sometimes shit happens.

*I’m wearing one of these items during the flight to save room in my luggage.

The next part of the adventure happens when we get to Sydney, more on that coming in part 2…

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  1. Hi neil, I have recently become divorced from my ex wife after finding out that she was a player all of our married life. Anyway to cut a long story short have realised that I have lost my nerve and am scared of woman and I don’t know why. Would u have .any helpfull advise on my situation. ps, am currently reading your book the game and finding it most informative, a top read

  2. Those Airbnb arrangement reminds me of what they have in Cuba where locals would rent you their apartments for your style at very cheap prices. Lots of PUA’s who visit Cuba stay in these homes.

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