Stylelife Girl Interview: Tracy

Each month, Stylelife seeks out high caliber, attractive, intelligent, and articulate women to interview. Our goal is to provide insights into the female mind. Insights that you can actually use to improve your interactions with women. We strive to go beyond the simple, un-helpful “I want a guy who makes me laugh” or “Be confident” that litter so much of the mainstream media.

This month, we turn to Tracy, an outgoing model who lists a spontaneous cross-country road trip as her most romantic experience. Stylelife dispatched our man The Sneak to learn about what gets Tracy’s attention, the importance of her friends’ input on dating, and a one-night-stand story.

Stylelife: If your friends were to choose three words to describe you, what words do you think they’d choose?

Tracy: Funny, clumsy, and chill.

Tracy: Are you currently seeing someone? What made you romantically interested in him?

Tracy: His sense of humor. It sounds cheesy, but it is. That’s a huge turn on for me.

Stylelife: I know a lot of really funny guys, who don’t have to much luck with women. Do you believe me or does that seem totally out the ordinary because women are always saying sense of humor is so important?

Tracy: Well, I mean, there’s different types of sense of humor. I can tell you though, if you can make me laugh, and laugh with me, that means a lot. A good match in humor means you won’t think I am weird. On one of our early dates I just made random animal noises. He joined in. It’s was funny and comfortable. I instantly felt like I’d known him for a long time.

Stylelife: What’s the most common way that a guy hits on you?

Tracy: A cheesy pick up line is pretty common or the obvious “Heeeeey, whats up?” That’s annoying. There’s “Oh, yea, you need my number,” just super full of himself, I get that a lot. It’s annoying.

Stylelife: They say “You need my number?”

Tracy: Yeah! “You need my number.” I’ve heard that and there’s “Hey, do you have a boyfriend?” I say “Yea, I do.” Then he half whispers “Oh, well you’re not married.” Come on. Go away!

Stylelife: What’s the creepiest thing guys do when their hitting on you?

Tracy: Lick their lips. I don’t even have to think because it happened last week. It’s so creepy. And it’s happened more than once.

Stylelife: What’s the most romantic thing anybody has every done for you?

Tracy: Someone home cooked me a delicious dinner. Also, there was someone who someone sat with me through all the dance movies I really like, that has to be painful. He sat next to me and didn’t complain. That’s romantic. Typical romance is cheesy, but if you take a time to show an interest in the things I like and show an interest in my friends, I’m good with that.

Stylelife: Have you ever friend zoned a guy who was attracted to you?

Tracy: Yes, but by accident. It’s more just a story about timing. It was like 10 years ago. When we first met I was nervous I thought “Oh, he’s cute.” Then, years later he confessed he wanted to ask me out. Now, we are so close as friends I can’t imagine not having him as one of my best friends.

Stylelife: What’s the best date that you’ve ever been on?

Tracy: I was living in Washington. We went for dinner and it turned into a sporadic road trip to Tahoe and ended in Reno. It was that sporadicalness. After dinner he said “Do you wanna take a drive?” He had planned it, I didn’t know, so it was sporadic for me, I guess it was planned for him.

Stylelife: How much do your friends influence your dating life?

Tracy: A lot I would say. Not so much in the beginning. I’m not going to turn to my friends to ask for permission. I can make my own decisions. If we’re dating though, and you don’t get along with my friends, if something doesn’t click, that’s a warning sign for me.

Stylelife: How important is the first kiss?

Stylelife: Pretty important. Although, my last boyfriend was a horrible kisser. We worked on it together though and he was good after a while. It’s important though, the kiss foreshadows if you’re good in bed.

Stylelife: Would you ever be the one to initiate the first kiss?

Tracy: No. Never.

Stylelife: Would you ever?

Tracy: I don’t want to say no, but I get nervous. What if I get rejected?

Stylelife: Imagine that you met somebody and he is funny and he is interesting, but you don’t like him sexually. Is there anything he can do to change your opinion?

Tracy I can’t tell you exactly what it would be, but I think that there’s always hope. That sounds like a Hallmark card.

Stylelife: A lot of women say that confidence is the key.

Tracy: Yeah, but there’s a thin line between confidence and cocky.

Keep yourself out of the pity area. Have enough confidence to know that you’re of value. If you see yourself as unattractive, as nothing special, that’s going to show.

Stylelife: What do you think confidence means in terms of flirting?

Tracy: Keep yourself out of the pity area. Have enough confidence to know that you’re of value. If you see yourself as unattractive, as nothing special, that’s going to show.

Stylelife: Do you thinks guys could benefit from taking a course on seduction and dating?

Tracy: Yeah! I do. The more you know the better, right?

Stylelife: Would knowing that a guy took a course on seduction and dating change your opinion of him?

Tracy: It’s probably a good conversation starter. That’s something to talk about. If you can bring conversation to the table that’s great.

Stylelife: Are there any hobbies that turn you off?

Tracy: No…no…I guess it’s why that’s your hobby. Like if you’re a rock collector, that could be cool. If you sit there and you pet your rocks and you talk to your rocks…that could be cool too! As long as you present the hobby in a fun way I can dig it.

Stylelife: Is there something you’ve always wanted a guy you were dating to do for you that nobody has ever done?

Tracy: I would like someone to surprise me with a getaway to a bed and breakfast!

Stylelife: Have you ever had a one night stand?

Tracy: Yeah.

Stylelife: What was that like?

Tracy: It lasted a night. We didn’t do any standing. It was what it was. It was intended to be a one night stand. I think I was the one who initiated it. Actually, I know I was the one who initiated it. I said “You’re hot, I have condoms, wanna…”

Stylelife: Did you really say that?

white tank smile-1

Tracy: I said that. I grew up in Washington. You can drink legally at 19 in Canada. I had just lost my virginity, I said to my girlfriends, “Let’s go have a one night stand!” They said, “What do you mean, all of us?” So we drove up to White Rock.


Stylelife: You went there with intention.

Stylelife: If you could say one thing that you want men of the world to know about dating, romance, or seduction, what would it be?Tracy: Oh yeah! We had sex in the car. He ended up being the cousin of someone I knew from community college. She asked, “Did you go to Canada this weekend? My friend met some blonde named Tracy, I thought it might be you.” I asked, “Oh what did he say?” She said, “Nothing, just that you were really cool.”

Tracy: Don’t be scared. Usually, the girl is just as self-conscience of you. The hotter the girl, the easier it is to talk to her, she’s not used to people talking her. You just need to take that first step and not be afraid.


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