How to Solve Conflicts in a Long-Term Relationship

After so much positive feedback from guys who are in long-term relationships, we have decided to dedicate this email to conflict resolution with your girlfriend, lover or wife. If you’re in a long-term relationship, you know that they’re not always easy. Disagreements happen even in the most stable relationships. In fact, your relationship stays stable because you know how to … Read More

Stylelife Bootcamp: A Female Perspective

Emma writes… Part II A female observer or participant has never been inside the social sanctum of a Stylelife Bootcamp. But I’ve been working with the team for a while now, and they extended the invitation for me to tag along. I was a little nervous and unsure what to expect. A Woman’s Experiences at Stylelife Pickup Bootcamp When I … Read More

Your Most Attractive You

Emma writes: For a while, I was going on dates, coming home and complaining to my friends that the guys hadn’t put their best foot forward. The sports lawyer? He bored me. The screenwriter couldn’t tell a compelling story. The date who went to India for a month didn’t have a single adventure. On the surface, it seemed like they … Read More

Skillful Seduction: A Female Perspective

Emma writes… Part I I recently asked some of my girlfriends about their views on men who are eager to learn the kind of stuff Stylelife teaches. I asked that they be honest on their opinion and thoughts about guys who beef up their knowledge of women before heading out on the town approaching women. What do women think of … Read More

Practice Being Your Best Most Authentic Self

Authentic self

You might not be able to be Indiana Jones, but there’s one thing you definitely can be: Your best self. There is literally no excuse for not being the most-excellent man you can be. What’s more, this allows you to be your more authentic self. Fewer things are going to give you a more fulfilling life or become more attractive … Read More

Falling in Love, scientifically

Emma writes: After lengthy discussions and a four-part series dissecting what it means for us to fall in love and the three stages of love, I wondered the impact of this knowledge on the actual act of falling in love. Are we less-likely to ‘fall’ head-over-heels if we are hyper-aware of what is happening in our bodies? Does our knowledge … Read More

Romantic Connection Blackouts

  Most of the guys we talk to tell us that they’re not looking for one-night stands or hookup buddies. You’ve been there, you’ve done that and you’re over it. What you’re really looking for is a woman that you can make a connection with. However, just wanting isn’t enough to make it happen. In fact, the same men who … Read More

The "Its On the House Technique"

How to Look like the Coolest Guy to have Ever Walked into a Restaurant. No matter how good you are at the social arts paying the bill during a date can be trouble. Do you pay? Does she pay? This would be so much easier if the bill would just pay itself. Well the truth is, it can…kind of. This … Read More

She Judges You By This, So Make the Most of It

There’s the old cliche that women immediately notice the quality of a man’s shoes. Some of this is attribute to gender stereotypes and the notion that females are opposed by those things you just think of as covering for your feet. However, there is undoubtedly some truth to the cliche. Some published accounts state that 64% of women judge a … Read More

9 Questions to Define Your Fashion Persona

In our last post on proper suit selection, we described the differences in more dressy attire. But many guys wrote in and said they didn’t even know how to begin with overhauling their wardrobe. There are tons of lessons and missions on this always-informational topic in Stylelife. But for a quick overview, here’s what you need to know. Here’s an … Read More