Solid Escalation

This week, there’ve been a number of questions from the Attraction Amplification package. Below is a bonus clip from Style discussing solid game escalation.

Tweaking your openers

Let’s talk about openers. Some guys make the mistake of feeling like they need to compile an endless library of openers. But that’s not necessary, because with a few tweaks, you can present older material in brand new ways. Here’s a short lesson on how changing the root and the delivery can make any one opener versatile enough for any … Read More

3 ways to improve your conversation

Most men who have problems thinking they will “run out of material” with women actually have a deeper problem. It’s not that they don’t have much to say, but rather that they simply haven’t spoken to many people. Usually they just talk to very close friends, and when they do it’s about topics that are so individualistic (computers, games, being … Read More

How to stay ahead of objections

As soon as you approach a woman or group of people you don’t know, they think two things: 1. What does he want? 2. How long is he going to stay here? If you can satisfactorily answer both of these questions, you can avoid the sting of rejection. If not, you will hear the words that are the anathema of … Read More

Cooking for Women

With a holiday weekend coming up for many of our readers, it’s a good time to revisit tips on how to cook for a woman. With cooking a meal for a woman, presentation is key. It’s really no different than a magic illusion or any other routine. They way your present the meal can often be more important than the … Read More

Merging sets for social proof

Pick up is a game of value. The more value you can acquire the easier the game becomes. Value can come in a number of different forms, such as money, worldliness, status, and many more. One form of value called social proof is gained from the people you know and the crowd that surrounds you. To understand social proof, imagine … Read More

Favorite quotations

I like to keep several of my favorite motivational quotes on stickies around my monitor. With the week about to start, I’m sharing one of mine, and would love to hear some of yours in the comments. Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. … Read More

Text Game

We had a great call on text game yesterday for members of the Stylelife Attraction Mastermind Group yesterday.  Keep an eye out for the summary from Style if you weren’t able to make the call, and continue the discussion on the message boards.

Conference wrapup

Thanks to everyone who came from around the globe to the Stylelife conference in Los Angeles. It was our highest ranked conference ever. Some sample comments: The structure and flow of learning was fabulous. It brings the whole game into focus. Comprehensive coverage. No bits and pieces of this and that. A whole game plan was given. Great flow and … Read More

DHV – "The Game of Snaps"

adapted as a DHV by Topher and The Sneak For the longest time this game has been my secret routine. I’ve used it more times than I can remember to attract and challenge women. You can’t do it alone, but because of its value I ask that you only teach it to one other person. Choose the most trusted of … Read More